Best Apple Watch Faces

19+ Best Apple Watch Faces You Should Try In 2023

One of the most popular smartwatches is the Apple Watch. This is because of the customization that you can do according to your taste. There are the best watch faces for everyone on the Apple Watch. This makes the Apple Watch one of the most versatile Apple Watches of all time. 

In this article, you will learn about all the best Apple Watch faces that you can use on your Apple Watch. 

Top 10 Recommended Apple Watch Faces (2023)

Here we have listed our top 10 recommended Apple Watch faces that you should give a try.

Sr.NoNameBest Feature
1AstronomyView of earth’s hemispheres according to your location.
2CaliforniaThe traditional combination of Roman and Arabic or all Roman, all Arabic, Arabic-Indic, or Devanagari numerals.
3GradientSet with a variety of colors. It also has an option that shows more information like day, date, and time.
4MemojiSet your memoji as your watch face with a digital clock showing the time, day, and date above your memoji.
5Liquid MetalThe watch screen displays stunning animations whenever you tap it or raise your wrist.
6SimpleYou may add elements to the corners and detail to the dial of this simple yet attractive watch design.
7Numerals Duoshows huge numbers in a font created by Apple exclusively for the Apple Watch.
8TypographThree unique fonts are available on this watch face.
9Chronograph proThis face calculates speed based on time transit over a specific distance by choosing the tachymeter timescale.
10Micky and Minnie mouse face Instead of analog clock hands, they use the hands of Mickey Mouse

19 Best Apple Watch faces For 2023

You have seen the top 10 Best Apple Watch faces, now let’s see all 19 Watch faces in complete detail

1. Astronomy


The astronomy watch face is one of the most interesting features the Apple Watch offers. When you set this watch face, you can view the earth’s hemispheres according to your location. You can also set it to the moon and solar system according to your taste. The solar system also shows you the names of each planet when you double-tap your watch face.

2. California


If you want a simple and minimal watch face, the California watch face is the one for you. It has a minimal and luxurious design. The first half of the watch face is in roman numerals and the next half is numbers. It also shows you the date and day in the middle. For the 12 o’clock position, it features an upside-down triangle and for 3, 6, and 9 it features a ‘-’ sign.

3. Gradient


The gradient is another great minimal design. It consists of a minute and an hour arm. You can set it with a variety of colors. It also has an option that shows more information like day, date, time, etc. It features lines of the same or darker color crossing through the arms which makes it look more abstract. 

4. Memoji


You can do a variety of customizations with this watch face. You can set your memoji as your watch face with a digital clock showing the time, day, and date above your memoji. It also shows weather information of your location at the bottom of your watch face. You can set your memoji as well as other characters and emojis with this watch face.

5. Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal

This watch face has animated dark vibes. This is one of the cooler watch faces. It can be a little aggressive, but it is still a very simple watch face. It features an analog clock with straight lines for 12,3,6 and 9. For the rest numbers, it features diagonal lines. 

6. Simple


The simple watch face is very similar to the gradient watch face but even more minimal. It has an analog clock version with the date as well as another version with the current outside temperature and other info. If you are used to analog watches and you want to look at the time when you look at your watch, this watch face is for you.

7. Numerals Duo

Numerals Duo

This is one of the most minimal watch faces. It consists of a digital watch showing you the hours and the minutes only on the watch’s face. If you are used to digital watches, this face is for you. You can customize your watch face for two different colors for hours and minutes or a single color for both. 

8. Typograph 


The typography is another simple watch face with funky fonts. It consists of 4 numbers with cool text. You can also choose a variety of fonts and colors like Roman text, Arabic text, etc. There are different styles of watch faces like classic, modern, etc.

9. Chronograph Pro

Chronograph Pro- best apple watch faces

If you like chronograph-style watches, this watch face is for you. It consists of a lot of information on the screen, like day, date, time, temperature, etc. This type of watch face is more full as opposed to minimal. There are three analog dials for showing information like day and date and one bigger dial for showing the time.

10. Mickey Mouse and Minne Mouse watch faces

Mickey Mouse and Minne Mouse watch faces

These watch faces are based on the famous cartoon characters from Disney. Instead of analog clock hands, they use the hands of the animated cartoon to show you the exact time. This is one of the most fun watch faces for the Apple Watch. 

11. Nike Faces

Nike Faces- best apple watch faces

If you like sporty-looking watches, you should look into the Nike watch faces. These watch faces going very well with the Apple Watch Nike sports bands and loops. These consist of a Nike logo and the font used for the numbers, temperature, day, date, etc. is the iconic Nike style font. 

12. Artist

Artist- best apple watch faces

This watch’s face consists of a portrait with cartoon characters. It shows the time for the eyes of the cartoon characters. The portrait changes every time you raise your hand to view your Apple Watch. 

13. Fire and Water

Fire and Water- best apple watch faces

The fire Apple Watch face is very similar to the liquid metal watch face. It’s an animated watch face that makes the Apple Watch look like it’s on fire. While it does not have much information on the screen, just a single analog clock, it looks very cool. 

14. Siri Apple Watch Face

Siri Apple Watch Face- best apple watch faces

The Siri Apple Watch face shows you all kinds of information like music playing on your AirPods, activity app, weather, time, day, date, etc., It shows you all the different kinds of Siri suggestions. Siri automatically shows you the information that you might need to see at any particular time on your Apple Watch.

15. Contour

Contour - best apple watch faces

After talking about the watch faces with all the information, we are back at something more minimal. This watch face shows you the day, the date, and the time. It is another very simple watch face. It has all the numbers, 1 to 12, written in a funky manner. One of the main advantages of this style of numbers is that the hands of the analog clock point at the exact hour and minutes at all times. 

16. Modular


 The modular watch face is one of the best apple watch faces. It is mostly preferred for those people who like digital watches. The Watch face helps to track all information like weather, timers or alarms, your to do list and many more. 

Also Modular apple face watch Provide the customisation ,You can custmise color option and enable and disable the background color as well. Six complications can fit in this area, which should be sufficient for the majority of wearers. If not, however, there is always the Infograph watch face to provide even more information at a glance.

17. Unity Mosaic

 Unity Mosaic

As we see the unity mosaic does not offer a lot of customization. However the face launched by apple in support with the black communities. The color in the watch face represents the pan Africans flag with red ,black and green.

 Although you have the option to add additional colour to the face and turn on (or off) the background.The Unity Mosaic watch face is stunning, and you may wear it to support the Black community despite its lack of complexities and customizability.

18. Portraits


Talking about Portraits is the only new watch face in watchOS 8, but it is really cool and lots of fun. You can simply choose any portraits mode photo as your watch  face background. You can get two complication that you can set one on the bottom and one in the middle and intresting thing about that face is how it show up your photo. you can rotate the digital crown to bring the subject in your photo forward, which is also quite cool.

19. Meridian


We can say that Meridian is a casual version of California. Meridian Only offers screen look, it includes Four complications in the middle of the screen that you can customized. It looks pretty decent on Screen. I think this is the best AOD watch face for apple watch.

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Conclusion: best apple watch faces (2023)

We hope that this article has helped you choose a watch face. If you are unable to decide which watch face to use, we suggest taking a look at the simple, gradient, or California watch faces if you like something minimal. If you like a lot of information on the screen, we suggest the chronograph pro for the analog style of information. The Siri watch face is more digital, and it also shows you a lot of information that you might require to see. 


Which Apple Watch face is the best?

It depends on your taste, The California watch face is one of the most popular watches faces amongst people who want something minimal. The chronograph watch face is also very popular as people are coming from a world of chronograph watches to smartwatches. 

Can you get a Rolex face on the Apple Watch?

You can get a lot of custom faces on the Apple Watch. You can do this by checking the Apple Watch face gallery. 

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