Meet The Team

Ankush Nagdev (Founder and Senior Editor)

Ankush is the brain behind this project. Here is a little backstory about him:

Ankush is a content writer and a tech enthusiast who has been writing about tech since 2018. He is deep into the Apple ecosystem, and have been reviewing, solving problems and using the Apple Ecosystem since 2014. The main reason behind starting iGeeks Club is the love for the apple devices that Ankush has. Although his very first phone was a samsung galaxy, his switch to apple was during the launch of the iPhone 5S model. After using android for years, he was quite confused about it. So many questions and nobody to get answers from. looking up things online was the only way. After getting a hold of the ahead of time operating system, Ankush has never even thought of switching back to android.

When searching for things online, Ankush couldn’t get clear answers most of the times. either the blogs were outdated or the steps weren’t clear. This struggle to find the right resources made Ankush start a blog about iPhone 5S. Fast forward to 2022, Ankush now covers everything related to Apple, from iPhones to the Smart Water bottles on iGeeks Club.

If you have any question related to any Apple device, you will a full proof solution here. that’s a guarantee.

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