Deepfake apps for iPhone

9 Deepfake Apps for iPhone And iPad In 2023 (Top Picks)

Are you looking for the best Deepfake Apps For iPhone for your iPhone or iPad? Here we have got you covered. First of all, let’s go through some info about deepfake apps. The deep fake technology comes from deep learning. It is a part of machine learning which uses multiple layers of data to form an output from an input. 

So basically, When you take a video in a deep learning app, it can add layers above your face to make it look like whatever you want.

Now that you know how deep fake apps work, let us talk about the best deep fake apps available for iPhones. 

Quick Tip For Deepfake Apps For iPhone And iPad

  • Our best pick – FaceApp – Which is free and easy to use.
  • Runner up – Reface – Another free app with a lot of features.
  • Best apps for deep fake memes – MixBooth and Face Swap Booth.

Deepfake Apps For iPhone And iPad – Overview

Here is the overview of the top 9 deep fake apps for iPhone

Sr.NoAppBest ForRatings
1RefaceSuperhero Faces4.7
2WomboDeepfake Pictures4.8
3FaceAppYoung and Old impressions4.6
4SnapchatCreating and sharing4.8
5Mix BoothDeepfake memes4.2
6Face Swap BoothInterchanging faces, memes2.5
7Face Swap LiveInterchanging faces4.5
8JiggyCelebrity/Superhero Impressions3.6
9Copy replace photo editorEditing face pictures, replacing faces.4.5

Top 9 Deepfake apps for iPhone

Here is the list of the best deep fake apps for iPhone: 

1. Reface

Deepfake apps for iPhone

The Reface app is one of the highest-rated deep fake apps on the apple app store. It’s easy to use and hence, the users love it.

 The app developers are very involved with the reface community. They provide a lot of support and frequent updates for the app as their AI keeps evolving. 

This app has a lot of fun things to try. There are a lot of faces, clips, and characters for movies and TV that you could turn yourself into. 

2. Wombo

Deepfake apps for iPhone

Wombo is another great app on the apple app store for deep fakes. However, their app is evolving more towards AI-generated pictures than deep fakes. 

It is still a great deep-learning app. You can still create great-looking pictures of yourself by uploading a base image. The Wombo app transforms your picture into whatever you prefer.

You can describe what you would like your photo to look like along with the photo.

3. FaceApp


This deep fake app supports both video and photo editing. This is one of the most popular deep fake apps on iPhone as well as on android. 

It is free and very easy to use. There are a lot of edits like hair color, eye color, and much more. 

The app also comes with a basic photo editor if you want to control things like temperature, saturation, B&W, etc.

4. Snapchat


If you are on social media, you must be no stranger to Snapchat. This social media app has evolved to deep fake filters. 

The reason this is one of the most popular apps is that it is easy and seamless. You can create a deep fake video and then you can share it instantly. 

You can also store your photos and videos in Snapchat memories and you can access them at any time and on any device. 

5. MixBooth


If you want a deep fake app for creating memes, this app is for you. It features a lot of meme-worthy faces. 

This app has filters like aging, bald, and stache, and you can apply any of them before sending the photo to your friends and family. 

6. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

This is another great app for memes. You can turn yourself into photos or videos of celebrities. You can also change the characteristics of your face like eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, etc.

The app is very easy to use because of the AI and automation. Changing elements like the size of the face, eyes, and much more are very easy with this app.

7. Face Swap Live

 Face Swap Live

As the name suggests, this app can change your face into anyone’s face in real time. You can also change your face into your friend’s face in real time. 

This app also has masks like Santa, skeleton, etc. You can swap faces with anyone who is next to you.

8. Jiggy: Photo Face Swap Video

Jiggy: Photo Face Swap Video

You can create all sorts of fancy things with this app, like videos, photos, and even GIFs. It is very easy to use, you can take a selfie or a video or upload it from your gallery, and it does the magic. 

It has active and responsive customer care for this app if you run into any problems. There are both paid and free elements in this app. There is also a subscription-based system. 

9. Copy replace photo editor

Copy replace photo editor

This is the perfect app if you want to replace your face with any other person. It is very easy to use. 

This app has a free trial version for a limited period of time. If you want to try it before using it you can. After the free trial ends for you, you have to purchase a paid subscription to use the app.

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We hope that this article has helped you with all about deep fake apps. If you are looking for the best free deep fake app, you can check out FaceApp. It has all the features that you might require, and it’s also easy to use. If you are looking for a deep fake app to make memes, I recommend Mix Booth. It is one of the best apps for making memes.


Which app is the most realistic deep fake app?

The Reface app makes your photos and videos the most realistic.

Is there a free deep fake app?

Yes, there are many free deep fake apps. Reface, and FaceApp are two of the best ones. 

Is deepfake app free?

It is available for free on both iOS as well as Android devices and is very easy to use.

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