How To Charge The Apple Watch Without The Charger

How To Charge The Apple Watch Without The Charger?

The Apple Watch is a very useful gadget on your wrist. From making it easier to take calls to monitor your health, it has all the necessary features. These features require a lot of batteries to run. You might need a charger that’s much more portable than the one you get inside the box.

 If you want to know about different ways that you can charge the Apple Watch besides the Apple charger, this article is for you.

How to charge the Apple Watch without the charger – Summary

  1. Six-Pin port
  2. Portable and third-party chargers

1. Hidden Six-Pin port

When the first Apple Watch was released, a hidden six-pin port was found under the watch. A cap guards it. It’s there for apple support experts to assist you in case you have a problem with the Apple Watch. 

However, it can also be used for charging the Apple Watch. The only problem is that the six-pin charger is very rare. Finding it can be very challenging. If you have one, you can use it to charge the Apple Watch.

2. Portable and third-party chargers

Here are some of the best chargers that you can get for charging your Apple Watch

1. BatFree Power strap

BatFree Power strap

The BatFree power strap is an Apple Watch strap designed by a company called Togvu. This strap covers and protects your Apple Watch entirely. It’s also capable of charging your Apple Watch as you wear it. If you want a portable Apple Watch charger or a strap, you can get these two products in one with the BatFree power strap. 


  • Convenient charger as well as the strap.
  • No need to worry about the Apple Watch dying.


  • Very bulky and heavy in hand.

2. Newdery portable Apple Watch charger

Newdery portable Apple Watch charger

This is a portable Apple Watch charger that you can use with your MAC or PC or even iPhone chargers. This charger is highly portable and it can fit in your pocket. This is a very good option if you are looking for a lightweight portable charger for traveling. It comes in four colors: pink, blue, black, and white. 


  • Small and can fit in your pocket.
  • Simple to use, plug it into a computer and charges the Apple Watch.
  • Variety of color options.


  • Does not have a battery of its own. Requires a connection to a computer or a charger to charge.

3. Anker Portable Magnetic Charger

Anker Portable Magnetic Charger

If you are looking for a quality charger for the long term, this charger is for you. The Anker Poetable Magnetic Charger is one of the best cordless chargers you can get for your Apple Watch. It uses any USB A port to charge. You can connect it to your computer or your iPhone charger. The best part is it is apple certified. This charger is available with both USB A and USB C connectivity.


  • Apple Certified.
  • Wide Range of compatibility.
  • Aluminum design, better durability.
  • Fast Charging.


  • High Cost. 
  • Heavier because of the metal body.

4. Mixfly iWatch Charging Dock

Mixfly iWatch Charging Dock

This charger is perfect if you want to charge your Apple Watch with your MacBook or your iPhone charger. The reason is that you can use your iPhone USB C to lightning cable to connect to this charger and then charge your Apple Watch. 


  • Compact design, highly portable.
  • No need to purchase additional cable; it supports iPhone lightning cable.


  • It cannot be used cordless. 

5. Ampere USB C Watch charger

Ampere USB C Watch charger

This charger is for you if you are looking for a USB C charger with a short cord. It has a braided cable for high durability. Also, it’s capable of fast charging. It also has an alloy casing to make it even more durable. The short cable makes it very easy to carry. If you prefer a long cable, a variant of this charger with a long cable is also available.


  • Braided cable.
  • Alloy casing.
  • Light Weight.
  • Apple Certified.


  • Higher Cost.
  • Slightly slower than apple’s first-party charger. 

6. Smart Charging Case

Smart charging case is one of the best alternative options to charge your Apple watch. It was nice if you Charge your Apple Watch in a secure place while charging it . You can charge your apple watch in various ways with the help of a smart charging case .

Smart Charging Watch

The smart charging case Provided the micro USB or Integrated power bank inside the case . It is very light weight to carry in your bag. And your watch will continue to charge from there.

Pros :

  1.  Safe and Easy to carry 
  2. Less time consuming to charge 

Cons :

  1. Higher cost 

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We hope that this article has helped you with charging your Apple Watch without using apple’s first-party charger. To sum up, there are a variety of chargers available for the apple watch, from charging your Apple Watch right on your wrist with a BatFree strap to quality chargers like Mixfly. If you are still unable to pick a charger, we recommend the Anker Portable Watch Charger. It is MFI certified and made of aluminum. It is also available in both USB A and USB C options according to your needs.


Is there any other way to charge the apple watch?

There are two ways you can charge the apple watch with a six-pin charger or the magnetic dock. However, if you don’t want to use the Apple charger, there are many chargers available. Refer to the second section of this article for more.

Can I charge my Apple Watch on my wrist?

Yes, there are charging Apple Watchstraps available. The most popular one is BatFree Power Strap. 

How can I charge my Apple Watch Series 3?

You can use the magnetic charger that you get inside the box to charge your Apple Watch, or you can check out other third-party chargers. Refer to the second section of this article for more. 

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