Apple Vision Pro Price 

Apple Vision Pro Price 2023 – Unveiling Features & More!

Apple’s new mixed-reality headset is priced nearly 3 times more than the competition. Many of us have had the same questions about the price of the Apple Vision Pro. Why is it so expensive? Is it worth $3499? Are there other mixed-reality headsets that cost as much?

Since this is a brand-new product from Apple, it’s natural to have questions about it. Apple fans are curious to know more about this new exciting product. 

In this article, you will learn all about the price of the Apple Vision Pro and how it compares to others with all the information we have collected so far!

Why is the Apple Vision Pro Expensive?

 Apple Vision Pro Price 

Even when looking at the screen inside the Vision Pro, Apple wants the user to have a real-life Augmented Reality experience. 

That means even when the screen is so close to your eyes, the pixels shouldn’t be visible to you. The cameras should be very clear to capture the surroundings and show it inside the glasses in real time. 

The resolution, pixel density, cameras, and sensors used in the Vision Pro are very High Tech. It also uses 2 M2 chips and an R1 chip. 

The Vision Pro has 12 cameras and 4 LiDar sensors. For reference Apple’s previous product was capable of augmented reality on screen – The iPhone 14 Pro, it has 3 cameras and 1 LiDar sensor for AR.

Overall, the two micro LED 4K displays, 2 M2 chipsets, the R1 chip, cameras, and sensors make the price of the headset go higher. 

How Does the Price of the Apple Vision Pro Compare to Other Mixed Reality Headsets?

Here is how the price of the Apple Vision Pro compares to other mixed-reality headsets in the market right now: 

Apple Vision Pro$3499
HTC Vive Cosmos$800
Valve Index$1429
Meta Quest 2$299
Meta Quest Pro$999
PS VR2$549
HP Reverb G2$434

Is the Apple Vision Pro worth buying?

The answer to this question is if you are a tech enthusiast or you are looking for the most advanced mixed-reality headset then you can consider the Vision Pro. 

However, this is still a first-generation product which is not launched yet. We don’t know the drawbacks or the challenges Apple might face with it. Especially, the battery life is concerningly less for a product of this price. 

Apple’s target audience for this product is very specific like the Mac Pro or the AirPods Max. With this price point, Apple doesn’t plan to sell it to a mass audience. 

This is Apple’s way of entering mixed-reality computing. We might see a more affordable version of the Vision Pro in the future. 

Final Words

We hope that this article has answered your questions about the price of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headsets. 

To sum up, The Apple Vision Pro has a whopping $3499 price tag. This is because of the 2 4K displays, 12 cameras, sensors, processors, etc. 

There are many other VR/AR headsets available on the market right now are various prices as compared to the Vision Pro. 

Lastly, The Vision Pro is not targeted at a mass audience. Apple might release a similar product that will be targeted at the mass audience in the future. 

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What is the Apple Vision Pro launch date?

The Apple Vision Pro is expected to launch in early 2024. 

What’s the price of the Apple Vision Pro?

The price of the Apple Vision Pro is $3499.

When will Apple Vision Pro available in US?

Currently, there is no exact date set by Apple. However, the VR headset is all set to launch in the early 2024. So, as soon as the launch date is out, we will be the first one to keep you updated!

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